The 3 Best Paver Patios for Your Property

Paver patios in Boca Raton can add a functional, beautiful living space that increases the value of your home. By installing unique pavers and patterns, you are able to even further elevate the look of your space, which means an even greater return on your investment. To help you figure out the best paver for your needs, we have listed the top three options for homeowners. They include the following:  

Natural Stone Pavers – Popular with homeowners, natural stone is an excellent option for patios, walkways, pathways, and driveways because it adds to a home’s curb appeal. While the material can be expensive to buy and install, natural stone is long-lasting and unique since each paver is truly a one-of-a-kind piece. That means you are likely to immediately see the benefit of spending a little more on your pavers.  

Concrete Pavers – Available in various textures, colors, and sizes, concrete patio pavers are technically not even pavers but instead poured or stamped concrete. Don’t let the schematics scare you, though; these concrete pavers are one of the least expensive options to purchase and have been installed and have shown to be stronger than standard poured concrete.  

Brick Pavers – Often chosen to complement an overall landscape design, brick pavers come in a variety of different colors, sizes, and textures. Brick is a great option when you are looking to create a nice natural look for your outdoor space without the expense of natural stone. 

3 Reasons Why You’ll Love Patio & Waterfalls Installation

When it comes time to give your outdoor space a facelift, one of the most intelligent decisions you could make is to choose a patio and waterfalls installation in West Palm Beach. But what makes adding a patio with waterfall features such a good investment? Here are three reasons:  

Enhanced Aesthetics – A cheerful backyard is sure to leave an impression on family, friends, and other guests visiting your home. With the right water feature attached to your patio area, your home is likely to become the jewel of your neighborhood. Not only does a patio and waterfall combination enhance the aesthetic appeal of your landscape, but it also helps to create a one-of-a-kind tranquil space that is perfect for relaxing.  

Health Benefits – Speaking of relaxing, studies have shown that the sight and sound of flowing water facilitate relaxation while also assisting in decreasing blood pressure. By spending some time on a patio with a water feature, you will be able to de-stress and unwind while promoting feelings of well-being and happiness.  

Attract Wildlife – People aren’t the only ones who love a good water feature—it is also something animals love. With a waterfall on your property, you will be able to attract beneficial insects and pollinators, such as butterflies, bees, and dragonflies, which can help your garden prosper. Birds also love spending time in gardens with waterfalls, which is perfect for any bird watchers in your family. 

Step & Stairway Lighting Ideas for Your Landscape

When thinking about updating your landscape lighting in West Palm Beach, it is fun to think about lighting up your patio, water feature, or favored trees. Still, it is also important to remember to add some functional lighting as well. Not lighting your outdoor steps and stairs could make your whole landscape lighting plan fall—and that isn’t the only thing!

Having proper step and stair lighting doesn’t just add visibility for your safety but also adds accents to highlight your home’s approach. Here are some of our favorite techniques to light up your outdoor steps and stairs:

LED Strip Lights – The most popular lighting product on the market today, LED lights are great for illuminating your deck steps. Just strategically tuck them below your stairs so you can see the light but not the source.

Post & Rail Lighting – Post and rail lighting fixtures effectively light the ground below them or the steps underneath them.

Path Lighting – Path lighting is used to light up your pathways. Typically, they are placed along one side or in an alternating pattern to ensure you have sufficient light to see the path.

Tread & Recessed Lighting – Tread and recessed lighting fits into the vertical face of the steps and shines its lighting down onto the steps. These fixtures create a soft light while keeping the fixture itself barely visible.

How to Find the Best Patio Installation Contractor

Don’t spoil the excitement of upgrading your patio, driveway, or garden wall with the tedium of finding a contractor you trust to do the work. Instead, take a little advice from us, and you will find the process of finding the right contractor for your patio installation in West Palm Beach to be a breeze. Here is a small list of techniques for you to use to narrow down your options and find the best paving contractor for your needs:

Make a Shortlist – A quick Google search might give you dozens of options when searching for a contractor. To make picking the right one more straightforward for you, we recommend you do some online research to narrow down your potential options into a shortlist. To narrow down your search, check out a contractor’s services, proximity to you, online reviews, and other information.

Check Out Their Previous Work – Contractors who do quality work are usually more than happy to show off their work to potential clients. Check out potential contractors’ websites or social media channels to see some examples of their work. Can’t find anything? Contact the contractor and ask!

Discuss Your Perfect Needs – Take the time to meet with your top contractor choices to discuss what you want for your patio space and see if they are a suitable match for you. Most paver contractors are happy to take the time to discuss your project with you—and if they aren’t, that contractor may not be the right fit for you.

Get a Contractor Quote – While it is important to try and get a good deal for your patio installation, it is also crucial to remember that the price shouldn’t be the main factor in your decision. Cheap work is typically cheap for a reason—which could cost you much more later. Get a quote from your shortlist of contractors and then compare the figures with the other information you have learned through the other tips to make your final choice.

Why You Need Professional Patio Installation in West Palm Beach

 Patio Installation West Palm BeachA new patio is a great way to boost the usable space on your property, but you will only see that investment return if everything is installed correctly. That is why most homeowners recognize that working with a professional is the right way to go when it comes to patio installation in West Palm Beach. Here are just some of the reasons why people choose to hire a professional patio installation company:

Experience – Few things can beat work experience when it comes to contractor work of any kind. With years of experience and knowledge under their belt, professional patio installers not only reduce the potential of errors during the installation, but also are aware of and follow all local, state, and federal building codes and guidelines.

Cost – Trying to install a patio on your own might seem like a way to save money, but you are more likely to see your expenses balloon out of control as you fumble through trial and error. Professionals better understand what is required to get the job done and can keep a project within budget.

Better Design – If you have never built a patio before, then you likely aren’t going to be able to put together an attractive, eye-catching design. Thankfully, professional builders are able to bring your vision to life with ease thanks to having the experience and proper tools.

Time – A patio installation can be a time-consuming task. Working with a skilled installer helps reduce the amount of time it takes to finish the patio, which saves you time and money.

The Next Big Thing in Landscape Architecture for West Palm Beach

 Landscape Architecture West Palm BeachMost landscape design teams aim to help homeowners find new ways to improve their curb appeal while staying within a specific budget. What makes some landscape architecture in West Palm Beach stand out from the others isn’t just how it looks, but also how functional it is. One of the best ways to deliver functional, high-quality landscapes that will boost the look and feel of a property is to get ahead of the trends.

Thankfully, the best landscape designers are trained and skilled at

bringing your garden dreams to life while keeping a close eye on what is popular, site analysis, budget, and appropriate plants and hardscaping. Through well-executed landscape design services, homeowners are able to see an increase in the enjoyment of their home, a boost to the actual square footage of usable, valuable space they have, and an excellent return on investment.

So, you might be wondering what some of the landscape design elements are in the highest consumer demand now and in the projected future. Here are the features that we see trending higher and higher for Florida homeowners:

  • Native Plants
  • Native/Adapted Drought-Tolerant Plants
  • Low-Maintenance Landscapes
  • Flexible-Use Space
  • Drip/Water-Efficient Irrigation
  • Permeable Paving
  • Rain Garden
  • Reduced Lawn Area
  • Food/Vegetable Gardens
  • Charging Stations

Paver Patios Add Value to a Home

If you’re not using your yard to its full potential, perhaps it’s time to consider upgrading your outdoor living space. Patio installations are a beautiful and practical extension of your home interior into your backyard. Patio pavers offer West Palm Beach homeowners unlimited options for beautiful landscape design, with the added benefit of adding value to their property.

Enhance Your Resale Potential

A lot can be said for appealing outdoor spaces. When you include patio pavers in your landscaping, you create an inviting area that encourages barbeques, outdoor parties, evening get-togethers, and quiet days relaxing in the sun. Whether you intend to erect a pergola or create an outdoor kitchen, including pavers in the plan is an ideal way to increase your home’s resale potential.

Make Your Home Easy to Buy

When prospective buyers view your property, they often consider how much work will be required to transform it into their dream home. Anything you do to enhance the appearance of your house and yard will significantly improve the likelihood of a sale. A beautiful patio installation can offer as much as 30 to 60% return on investment, which means whatever you spend will be well worth it.

Improvements like landscaping and patio pavers can transform a yard so significantly that you might even reconsider selling.

Reasons to Consider Landscape Lighting

Landscape lighting can enhance the look of your home and yard at night, giving it a soft invitational glow. In addition to the esthetic of landscape lighting in West Palm Beach, there are several practical reasons to include outdoor illumination on your property.

Highlight Features

If you have a fountain, mature trees, statues, or other features on your property, having a spotlight on them at night will add a dramatic effect and highlight their presence.

Add Value & Curb Appeal

Beautifully lit properties get noticed. Landscape design services can offer ideas for strategic placement of lighting that accentuates architectural features, making your home more appealing to potential buyers.

Safety & Security

One of the primary reasons landscape lights are so popular is that it provides safety with illumination. Deterring trespassers by increasing visibility at night will help you feel more secure.

Maximize Outdoor Space

When you consider your yard an extension of your home, you can take advantage of that space by adding landscape lights. Enjoy evening get-togethers in comfort and safety with thoughtful exterior lighting design.

A well-lit home is an appealing sight after a long day at work. The welcoming glow invites you inside while also providing practical lighting solutions.

Do Paver Patios Add Value to a Home?

paver patios

When you want to upgrade your home exterior with elegance and style, consider a new patio installation. Paver patios are an excellent choice when you want to take your garden parties to the next level. Any landscape designer can tell you that a thoughtfully designed patio adds value to your property and incredible beauty to your outdoor living space.

Reasons to consider paver patios in Boca Raton include:

Longevity & Durability
Although a solid concrete surface may seem like the ideal solution, it can crack and wear over time. Paver patios offer more flexibility because the interlocking pieces can easily handle environmental stresses. Pavers also last a lot longer than other surfaces, such as wood decking, so that you can enjoy years of low-maintenance use.

Style Selection
The designs for paver patios are almost limitless. They come in varying colors and can be arranged in intricate patterns to match your esthetic and architecture. Pavers are perfect for acting as a natural extension of your indoor living space, creating a cohesive design that flows from the interior to the exterior.

If beauty by design is your goal, then a paver patio might be the perfect addition to your outdoor entertainment area.

How Do I Find the Right Landscaping Company?

landscaping company

Ordinary homes can become extraordinary with the right exterior upgrades. An experienced landscaping company in Boca Raton can transform your yard, improve your curb appeal, and even increase your property value. Knowing who to choose can seem overwhelming but narrowing down your options is easy when you know what to ask.

Research & Reviews
You don’t want someone who mows the lawn; you need a landscape designer who can take your vision for your yard and turn it into a reality. Check reviews, see their work for yourself, and ask for references.

Have a Clear Idea
Knowing what you want can help narrow down your landscaping company choices. If you provide a blueprint, they can tell you if your vision is possible, what it will cost, and how long it will take.

Explore Your Options
Landscaping companies don’t all offer the same services. Although they do landscaping, some work primarily in lawn care, some are designers, and others provide yard maintenance.

Ask Neighbors & Friends
Online site reviews are popular spots to find unfiltered opinions, but it’s also a good idea to ask your friends and neighbors. You will have faith in their opinion, and you can see the work first-hand.

A Perfect Match
Landscaping companies can be excellent at what they do, but if you can’t communicate with them, you’ll both end up frustrated. When you find the perfect match, chances are the results will exceed your expectations.