Custom Landscape Design & Construction in Boca Raton

Creating a beautiful backyard is more than cookie-cutter design and construction. Instead, the plan must fit with the landscape, as well as your design preferences and lifestyle requirements. This is our focus at Treasurescapes.


Under the leadership of owner and landscape designer in West Palm Beach Kenneth Thornsbury, we consider our work more like painting. The landscape is the canvas, and the plants and features are the paintbrush and palette. We apply the paint to create the vision you have of your backyard in its full beauty. This is how we provide landscape design and construction in Boca Raton.


Making Your Backyard Reflect Your Lifestyle

Your backyard contains many of the elements of most outdoor spaces. This includes landscaping—such as grass, flowers, and trees—as well as hardscaping features. However, to create an original space that meets your needs, we customize our design plan to reflect your lifestyle and complement your outdoor space.


This could include everything from adding a new pool, a travertine driveway, or a custom pergola. It all depends on you. Work with our professionals to arrive at the right design and then rely upon us for landscape design and construction in Boca Raton.

Paver Patios in West Palm Beach

The Benefits of an Outdoor Patio

Take your backyard to the next level with a stone patio. Sure the grass is green, and the flowers are colorful, but you would like to spend more time outdoors just enjoying the beauty. For this, we recommend adding a hardscape in Boca Raton. The plants are the soft part of the landscaping, while the built features make up the hardscape. A hardscape includes everything from a water garden to a retaining wall to a spacious patio.


Just think of adding a patio made with natural stone to your property. You, your family, and guests could spend leisure time in the backyard, enjoying each other’s company, sharing a meal, or getting some necessary Vitamin D.


A Patio to Enjoy the Beauty of Your Backyard

Reach out to a landscaping company for patio installation. A company with a good reputation and experienced professionals can make this happen easily. They’ll consult with you about your vision and then put together a plan that meets your needs. With your approval, they’ll begin construction on your hardscape in Boca Raton.


Soon, you’ll have a lovely patio for leisure or party time. It adds so much to the quality of your life, not to mention the value of your property.

Water Garden Ideas for Your Backyard Pond Renovation

You love the water garden in your backyard. It adds so much to the beauty of the yard and the quality of life you enjoy. However, it’s been in place for a few years now, and you would like to make it even more appealing. Choose an experienced landscape architect to work with you on water feature design and installation in Boca Raton.


You might want to add fish, plants, a waterfall, or a fountain to this space. Request a consultation with a qualified professional who can suggest ideas and implement a plan that enhances your enjoyment of your pond.


Planning for Your Water Garden

One of the critical considerations when adding to a pond is the need to maintain balance. When thinking about including fish or putting in new plants, consult with your landscaping company about what would benefit the existing pond and plant life. You don’t want to put in something that would upset a delicate ecological balance.


Another idea would be to put in a stone patio. This could serve as a seating area where you can relax and take in the lovely look, scents, and sound of your water garden. One thing’s for sure—with water feature design and installation in Boca Raton, you’ll find yourself spending more time outdoors.

Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Your Guide to Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

There’s nothing better than spending a sunny afternoon out in your pool. But, after a while, your pool and pool deck can start to look a little drab. If your subpar pool deck is keeping you from maximum enjoyment, it’s time to consider pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton. A new pool deck is all you need to breathe life into your pool area and outdoor living space.


Your Surface

First, you must consider your existing deck surface. Before any resurfacing or remodeling can begin, it’s important to identify any cracks or issues that could cause trouble down the line. Additionally, it’s crucial to clean the surface thoroughly before any new materials are added.


Your Style

Next comes the more exciting part: selecting your new pool deck surface. Some of the best ways to find inspiration are to visit friends and family members with pools, check out pool design websites, and browse through outdoor living magazines. Then, bring your favorite ideas to your pool deck remodeling experts. Experienced professionals can tell you which ideas will complement your existing surface and décor.


For more advice about resurfacing your pool deck, contact the team at Treasurescapes. We proudly serve the homeowners of Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach.

Paver Patios in West Palm Beach

The Benefits of Outdoor Paver Patios in West Palm Beach

You deserve to love where you live, and that includes the exterior of your property. So, instead of spending another year staring out your window at an empty lawn, consider taking your property to the next level with a functional and attractive outdoor patio. Take a minute to learn more about the benefits of outdoor paver patios in West Palm Beach.


Enhanced Living

Patios are more than just a place to sit. They’re a place where you can relax in the sunshine, read your favorite book, play games with your kids, host BBQ events with your friends, and so much more. By adding a paver patio to your property, you gain an extra outdoor living space where memories can be made. It also helps to keep any mess outside of your home.


Increased Value

Homes are made for living in, not for selling. However, that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider the resale value of your home once in a while. Installing a paver patio is a fantastic way to increase the value of your property.


For more information about patio installation, contact the professionals at Treasurescapes—an experienced landscaping company serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach.

Landscape Design in West Palm Beach

Planning a Successful Landscape Design in West Palm Beach

For many homeowners, their yard is just a plain stretch of grass that needs to be mowed and maintained—but it can be so much more than that. With the right planning and purpose, any yard can be transformed into an outdoor living space where you’ll love spending time. Take a minute to learn about two factors you should consider when planning your landscape design in West Palm Beach.


Your Budget

First, it’s crucial to have a solid idea of your budget before the design process begins. Knowing how much money you can spend on your new landscape will determine how much work can be completed. This will help you prioritize the elements that are most important to the overall look and function of your landscape.


Your Property

Many people choose to browse through magazines and websites looking for inspiration for their landscape. Although this is a great place to start, it’s important not to forget that your lawn or yard may not be set up the same as on the page or screen. In other words, you have to work with what already exists on your property, as opposed to what exists in the examples. Take a look at your property and find some standout features. Then, consider using these features as your new inspiration or focal point instead of what you see in print or online.


For more advice, contact a landscape designer at Treasurescapes—a respected landscaping company serving West Palm Beach, Boca Raton, and Delray Beach.

Landscape Design in Boca Raton

Landscape Design Principles for Residential Gardens

You know pleasing landscape design in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach when you see it. You may not understand why it looks so good, but you can appreciate its beauty nonetheless. A lot goes on behind the scene with the design before plants ever go in the ground.


Experience is one way to ensure the beauty of a residential or commercial property. An experienced landscape designer has their past work to guide them. However, this is just a starting point as space itself, its features, and your preferences all come into play.


Here are some basic principles that all in the business respect. These include:


Massing Elements – This principle means more is more. One tulip is appealing, but a bed of tulips is striking. The same goes for shrubs and trees. With plants, the impact is in seeing many grouped in all of their glory.


The Biggest First – When planting, start with the most prominent elements – trees, then move down in size until ending with ground cover. This practice allows you to see your work in scale, from large to small. And it’s practical, too, as planting trees takes heavy equipment, which could damage flowers and grass.


The Golden Ratio – This principle has been part of the design for thousands of years. The ratio is 1:1.6, for pleasing proportions. Think of the pyramids or the Parthenon. These proportions make landscape design in Boca Raton appealing and successful.

Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Using Travertine for Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Invest in your backyard with pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach. Many pools have concrete surrounding them for a practical look that does nothing to make this space look like a place you want to splash or relax.


Instead, consider a natural material, such as travertine stone, to dress up this space. Available in many soft shades, a deck of travertine frames your pool with practical elegance and adds significantly to your property’s resale value.

A Stone That’s Ideal for the Deck

Our landscaping company recommends travertine for pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton because of its beauty, durability, and ease of repair. Another consideration is its ability to remain cool. No matter how brightly the sun shines, tiles made of this stone remain cool beneath your feet. And travertine is a non-slip material, which is ideal for situations when you expect the deck to get wet.


After many years of use, the pool deck needs replacement. The concrete may have chips or cracks or just look worn. You’ll raise the bar in your backyard with the lovely look of travertine. Choose a landscaping company that specializes in travertine pool decks.

Hardscape in Boca Raton

The Differences between Hardscaping & Softscaping

Landscaping involves making your yard more beautiful with flowers and greenery or stone and wood. A hardscape in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach refers to the “hard” landscaping features you can install. This includes everything from a waterfall to a pool deck to landscape lighting and irrigation. All of these add to the beauty and functionality of your property. And all are low-maintenance and permanent.


On the other hand, the softscaping part of the equation deals with the plants — trees, shrubs, grass, and flowers. These give color, softness, and appeal to your backyard. Plants require regular maintenance to remain healthy, and you may change things up from year to year. As a landscaping company, we recommend including both for balance and pleasure.


Find a reliable company with an excellent eye to help you with your landscaping design. You may have a green thumb and need only maintenance for your flowers and shrubs. In this case, we suggest features for a hardscape in Boca Raton, such as a travertine pool deck or paver patio.


Then, again, you may have an outdoor kitchen and fire pit installed already. In this instance, we recommend soft features to brighten the space with colorful blooms or that you install trees for shade.

Paver Patios in West Palm Beach

A Few Things You Must Know About Paver Patios

Paver patios in West Palm Beach, FL, are one of the most popular fixtures for outdoor living spaces. Although they might have a higher upfront cost than concrete patios, their striking aesthetic and ease of maintenance over time make the investment well worth it. If you are thinking of installing pavers in your outdoor area, here are a few considerations to keep in mind.


Call Before You Dig

Pavers require some digging to install—a depth roughly at the root level of vegetation or at least six inches. As such, you need to confirm that your planned patio area is free of plumbing, utility cables, or electrical lines. Call a professional to survey your surroundings to avoid potential hazards.


Consider Drainage

Paver patios should have a level surface. At the same time, the patio also needs sufficient drainage to prevent flooding and mitigate potential fall hazards. The patio should slope away from your home’s foundation, where the water can drain into an area that can handle it. For every two feet of distance, the paver patio should drop a quarter inch in elevation.


Keep the Area Weed-Free

Weeds pose one of the biggest threats to the appearance and strength of your patio area. Take measures to minimize the chances that weeds can sprout between the pavers. Cover your work area’s base with a landscaping cloth before laying down new soil. You may also pack the cracks between pavers with sand.


A paver patio project is a smart investment that makes your outdoor area more fun and enjoyable to use. If you are thinking about expanding your recreation spaces, consult with a landscaping company to explore your options.