Pool Resurfacing

Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Your Guide to Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

There’s nothing better than spending a sunny afternoon out in your pool. But, after a while, your pool and pool deck can start to look a little drab. If your subpar pool deck is keeping you from maximum enjoyment, it’s time to consider pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton. A new pool deck is all you need to breathe life into your pool area and outdoor living space.


Your Surface

First, you must consider your existing deck surface. Before any resurfacing or remodeling can begin, it’s important to identify any cracks or issues that could cause trouble down the line. Additionally, it’s crucial to clean the surface thoroughly before any new materials are added.


Your Style

Next comes the more exciting part: selecting your new pool deck surface. Some of the best ways to find inspiration are to visit friends and family members with pools, check out pool design websites, and browse through outdoor living magazines. Then, bring your favorite ideas to your pool deck remodeling experts. Experienced professionals can tell you which ideas will complement your existing surface and décor.


For more advice about resurfacing your pool deck, contact the team at Treasurescapes. We proudly serve the homeowners of Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach.

Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Using Travertine for Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Invest in your backyard with pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach. Many pools have concrete surrounding them for a practical look that does nothing to make this space look like a place you want to splash or relax.


Instead, consider a natural material, such as travertine stone, to dress up this space. Available in many soft shades, a deck of travertine frames your pool with practical elegance and adds significantly to your property’s resale value.

A Stone That’s Ideal for the Deck

Our landscaping company recommends travertine for pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton because of its beauty, durability, and ease of repair. Another consideration is its ability to remain cool. No matter how brightly the sun shines, tiles made of this stone remain cool beneath your feet. And travertine is a non-slip material, which is ideal for situations when you expect the deck to get wet.


After many years of use, the pool deck needs replacement. The concrete may have chips or cracks or just look worn. You’ll raise the bar in your backyard with the lovely look of travertine. Choose a landscaping company that specializes in travertine pool decks.

Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

Six Things to Do to Prepare for Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Project

Sun, heat, humidity, and even cold temperatures can degrade the appearance of your pool area. When you notice any cracks, chipped paint, fading, or stains, you should consider pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton, FL. It’s one of the ideal ways to breathe new life into the hardscape area around your swimming pool. Here are six things homeowners can do to prepare for pool deck resurfacing:


Schedule an Inspection


Before beginning any swimming pool remodel, schedule an inspection by a reputable landscaping company like Treasurescapes, serving Boca Raton, West Palm Beach, and Delray Beach. Cracks and other damage to the pool deck can sometimes indicate undetected leaks. Your pool contractor will find any hidden problems, and then you can repair them to prevent further damage.


Calculate Your Pool Deck Resurfacing Cost


It’s a good idea to know what you’re getting into before starting any renovation project. You’ll want to know the total cost and how long the process will take. Several factors come into play, including:


Size of Pool Deck

Previous Construction

Current Condition


Design Goals


Pool deck resurfacing can change your swimming pool area’s ambiance, so as long as you’re remodeling, try to dream a little. Some pool owners prefer a traditional look and choose a single color for the deck, while others like to mix it up and blend different colors and styles.


Pick the Right Materials


The primary focus of pool deck resurfacing is damage repair, but when you meet with your pool contractor, they will go over all available options to ensure you understand the differences in pool deck materials. Some of the more popular coatings include:


Concrete Pool Deck Paint

Spray Texture

Stamped Concrete


Preparing the Pool Area


The most useful thing you can do at this point is to clear the deck. Remove all pool furniture, potted plants, and accessories from the pool deck resurfacing area. Landscape plants need to be covered if you can’t move them.


Consider DIY


You may be wondering if you can do this project yourself. While it may be tempting, on your own, you’ll be responsible for all the dirty work. You’ll also need to recruit some crew members, especially if you have a wide pool deck. You can consult with a variety of YouTubers regarding technique, but are they reliable? Experience and skill are crucial when it comes to pool deck resurfacing. A licensed contractor will get the job finished efficiently and will guarantee their work.

Great Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

When it comes to your pool, investing in pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton is a great opportunity to turn it into your very own backyard oasis. You can count on a landscaping company like Treasurecapes to get the job done in the West Palm Beach and Delray Beach area. Here are the top five benefits of pool resurfacing:


  1. Offers Flexibility for Different Styles and Budgets


Based on the resurfacing material you choose for your pool deck, you can opt for cost-efficient or something that is a considerable upgrade. If you’re looking for budget-friendly options, consider fade-resistant properties and customized textures. Otherwise, stained concrete coatings and brick surfaces make beautiful finishes.


  1. It Helps You Avoid Accidents


After years of use, the surface of your pool deck can lose traction, making it dangerous for walking. Pool deck resurfacing is as much a safety move as it is an aesthetic one. It will help you eliminate imperfections, breakages, and stains; these options are slip-resistant and best for everyone’s safety.


  1. It Provides a Cost-Efficient Update


Resurfacing is a cost-effective solution that will allow you to make a substantial change to your backyard without an entire pool deck replacement.


  1. It Improves the Look of Your Pool Deck


If you used to have smooth concrete damaged and worn over time, resurfacing will restore the color and give you the option of reusing the material to make it better.


  1. It Makes Your Pool Deck Look Luxurious


There’s no need to break the bank for a luxurious finish. Pool deck resurfacing offers budget-friendly materials like concrete to give your pool area a modern and trendy feel.

The Benefits of Pool Deck Resurfacing in Boca Raton

If you have a pool, it likely gets a lot of use. That means wear and tear, which can eventually lead to the deck looking old and worn. Or maybe you are just tired of looking at the same old surface and figure it’s time for pool deck resurfacing in Boca Raton.


At Treasurescapes, we do a lot of patio and pool deck work from West Palm Beach to Delray Beach, and we’re going to discuss the benefits of deck resurfacing in this article.


There are several benefits to pool deck remodeling. The very first one that springs to most people’s minds is that it makes your pool area look like new.


Safety is an important consideration as well, and a new textured deck surface provides slip resistance for pool users.


It’s a cost-effective option because resurfacing is much more affordable than a complete replacement. You can opt for the look of high-end materials such as slate but without the high-end expense. The result is that you still get a great new look to your property at minimal cost, and it’s quick, too.


You can find choices for every taste and budget when you are in the market for the resurfacing of your pool’s deck. Shop around.