A cost effective way to enhance curb appeal is to build stacked stone planters, borders and walls. Unlike plant material, natural stone changes little over time and adds a timeless and permanent quality to the landscape. Here are the basics.

Benefits of Natural Stone?

Stacked stone walls are an environmentally sound solution to retain soil and prevent erosion. Natural stone will never fade or discolor. Very little maintanance is required. Constructed quickly, most do not require permitting. Any style – formal, informal and everything in between – can be achieved with the right design and an experienced construction crew.

Kinds of Stone for Landscaping

Natural stacked stone walls, planters and edging are typically constructed fom irregular field stone, ledge stone and flag stone. A wide variety of indigenious and imported stone types are available in almost any color and texture. The stone should be carefully selected to blend, contrast or compliment existing exterior finishes and paved surfaces.

Know the Basics

  • Locate the property line and don’t build on, or disturb the neighbor’s property.
  • Provide a foundation on a compacted base for proper installation and leveling.
  • If the stacked stone structure exceeds 2′ in height, check the prevailing code to see if a permit or engineering drawings are required.
  • Provide proper masonry or epoxy bonding between the individual stone pieces to form a secure and stable structure.
  • Ensure that positive drainage is maintained. Keep all water flowing away from structures and hard surfaces.
  • Don’t direct any water run off onto a neighboring property.

What Does Natural Stone Landscaping Cost?

A good number to work with for budgeting purposes is $25.00 per linear foot installed. The price will vary with quantity installed and the type of stone used. Natural stacked stone is therefore a cost effective way to add a permanent feature to the landscape. View our stone work page for more ideas to see how natural stone can be used in the landscape.

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