Irrigation Installation in Boca Raton

Important Elements of DIY Irrigation System Installation

Irrigation installation in Boca Raton, FL, is an investment that can improve your property’s beauty and value. Many homeowners choose to install dedicated irrigation systems to make watering their lawns quick and easy.


While there are many benefits to having an irrigation system, there are also many risks and complexities to installing one. Before you start digging up your yard, consider the following important elements.


Have a Plan

Before gathering supplies and renting equipment, map out your irrigation system. Having a plan in place allows you to conserve your energy and water. It also provides an idea of how much supplies you will need for the initial irrigation installation. A plan also provides ideas on where you can move the layout should you decide to expand.


Call Before You Dig

Anytime you dig on your property, there is a chance that you may damage electrical, gas, or cable lines. That means digging poses risks like electrical shock and other life-threatening situations. Don’t dig blindly: before getting started with your irrigation installation, call your city to locate the presence of utility and cable lines.


Consider the Trees

If your property is near trees, you may be surprised at how expansive root systems can be. Digging can sever tree roots, which may lead to damaged or dead plant life. Moreover, improperly placed irrigation lines can be damaged by roots. To avoid any mishaps, consult with an irrigation specialist to get assistance with working around tree roots.


By being prepared and taking a measured approach to your project, it is possible to have an irrigation system that will keep your lawn beautiful and healthy. If a DIY project seems too daunting, you always have the option to hire a professional. Consult with your local landscaping company to discuss your options.