Recent Projects

Recent Projects

Bartuccio Residence – Summer 2019

Landscape and pool design, Boca Raton

Beautiful natural stone block driveway and walkways. Designed and built outdoor room with pool and surrounding stone pavers. Fully landscaped.


Pool View At Night

Reise Residence – Spring 2019

Pool remodeling and landscape design

We resurfaced and installed a pool deck with a beautiful stone water feature. Complementing the waterfall is a beautiful tropical landscape design that extends to the entire property.


Tropical Landscape Home Design

Fariello Residence – Summer 2019

Pool remodeling and tropical landscape design

Completely redesigned hardscape, including a travertine driveway and backyard patio pavers for their outdoor room. Also, fully redesigned indoor pool area with travertine pavers accented by surrounding gardens.


Pool with A Glass Roof



Landscape Design from Concept to Creation

Wondering what to expect when working with a landscape architect? Below is our landscape design and installation process from start to finish.

1. On-Site Consultation

After you call to set up an appointment, Ken Thornsbury, Owner of Treasurescapes, will meet you at your property to discuss your wish list and share ideas.

2. Client Provides Survey or Site Plan

To begin, we will need a copy of your site plans. You should have your property’s site plan, survey, or blueprints in your records if you are the property owner.

3. Small Retainer is Required

After we reach the point where you are ready to proceed with the design process, a small retainer may be requested to put your project on the schedule.

4. AutoCAD and 3D Designs

Ideas drafted in AutoCAD to scale on a plan. Supporting documents may include 3-dimensional rendering and material photographs. hidememoreandmore

5. Design Presentation

A presentation of the plan is scheduled to discuss the conceptual design layout. A presentation of the plan is scheduled to discuss the

6. Plants and Materials Section

Treasurescapes will help select plant species, paver materials, tile selection, pool finish, and any other materials proposed for your project.

7. Construction Proposal

All components of the project are listed and itemized in a logical, complete proposal with costs that can easily be modified to fit a budget.

8. Contract is Drawn Up

Once the proposal is finalized to your satisfaction, a contract is drawn up with a relative work/payment schedule. Once the proposal

9. Project Timeline Created

A schedule of completion is decided on depending if your building construction is underway or in the future. A renovation of an existing home can commence immediately.

10. Construction Final

Construction of the landscape and hardscape is taken from start to finish by Treasurescapes. Construction of the landscape and hardscape is taken take

11. Final Walkthrough

A final walkthrough is scheduled between Homeowner and Treasurescapes to ensure complete satisfaction. A final walkthrough is

12. Enjoy Your Dream Come True

You are now able to enjoy your personal paradise every day for years to come! You are now able to enjoy your personal paradise every day for years to come!


Let Treasurescapes create the backyard paradise you’ve always dreamed of. Fill out this form to request your free consultation.


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