Step & Stairway Lighting Ideas for Your Landscape

When thinking about updating your landscape lighting in West Palm Beach, it is fun to think about lighting up your patio, water feature, or favored trees. Still, it is also important to remember to add some functional lighting as well. Not lighting your outdoor steps and stairs could make your whole landscape lighting plan fall—and that isn’t the only thing!

Having proper step and stair lighting doesn’t just add visibility for your safety but also adds accents to highlight your home’s approach. Here are some of our favorite techniques to light up your outdoor steps and stairs:

LED Strip Lights – The most popular lighting product on the market today, LED lights are great for illuminating your deck steps. Just strategically tuck them below your stairs so you can see the light but not the source.

Post & Rail Lighting – Post and rail lighting fixtures effectively light the ground below them or the steps underneath them.

Path Lighting – Path lighting is used to light up your pathways. Typically, they are placed along one side or in an alternating pattern to ensure you have sufficient light to see the path.

Tread & Recessed Lighting – Tread and recessed lighting fits into the vertical face of the steps and shines its lighting down onto the steps. These fixtures create a soft light while keeping the fixture itself barely visible.