The Dos & Don’ts of Landscape Lighting in Boca Raton, FL

There’s a lot to consider when illuminating your landscape. Fortunately, the professionals at Treasurescapes are here to guide you through some of the most basic “dos” and “don’ts” when it comes to landscape lighting in Boca Raton, FL. Don’t hesitate to contact our landscaping company today for the solutions to all your outdoor lighting problems.

DO: Focus on the home.

Your home is the focal point of your property—and your lighting should reflect that. When beginning your landscape lighting project, start by focusing on the building itself.


DON’T: Focus on your paths, plants, and foliage.

This type of lighting is beautiful but can look out of place if the home isn’t also illuminated.

DO: Layer your lighting.

Try placing lights at various heights around your property. A mixture of low and high lights creates texture and depth.


DON’T: Go overboard.

Too many lights coming from too many angles can have a jarring, circus-like effect. For many properties, less can be more.

DO: Get creative.

Your home doesn’t have to look like every other house on the block. Get creative and impress the neighbors with your home’s one-of-a-kind look.

DON’T: Use straight lines.

Lights that follow the straight line of a path can remind people of airport runways. Instead, try staggering the lights or pointing them in different directions.

DO: Opt for LEDs

LEDs use less energy than the competition. And with all the advances in LED technology, these lights can be just as warm and inviting as other bulb types.

DON’T: Use inappropriate bulbs.

Incandescent bulbs are sure to boost your power bill and won’t last as long as the LEDs that we recommend. Additionally, many incandescent bulbs can create an unattractive glare due to their excessive wattage.


Don’t hesitate to contact Treasurescapes for even more information and advice about landscape lighting in Boca Raton. We’ll point you in the right direction and provide the answers to all your lighting questions.