The Next Big Thing in Landscape Architecture for West Palm Beach

 Landscape Architecture West Palm BeachMost landscape design teams aim to help homeowners find new ways to improve their curb appeal while staying within a specific budget. What makes some landscape architecture in West Palm Beach stand out from the others isn’t just how it looks, but also how functional it is. One of the best ways to deliver functional, high-quality landscapes that will boost the look and feel of a property is to get ahead of the trends.

Thankfully, the best landscape designers are trained and skilled at

bringing your garden dreams to life while keeping a close eye on what is popular, site analysis, budget, and appropriate plants and hardscaping. Through well-executed landscape design services, homeowners are able to see an increase in the enjoyment of their home, a boost to the actual square footage of usable, valuable space they have, and an excellent return on investment.

So, you might be wondering what some of the landscape design elements are in the highest consumer demand now and in the projected future. Here are the features that we see trending higher and higher for Florida homeowners:

  • Native Plants
  • Native/Adapted Drought-Tolerant Plants
  • Low-Maintenance Landscapes
  • Flexible-Use Space
  • Drip/Water-Efficient Irrigation
  • Permeable Paving
  • Rain Garden
  • Reduced Lawn Area
  • Food/Vegetable Gardens
  • Charging Stations