Are you thinking about hiring a landscape designer-architect in Wellington? We’ve put together a handy how-to guide that will get you off to a good start. You’ll learn about what to look for when hiring a landscape designer and architect and what the process of designing and installing a project looks like from start to finish.

We invite you to get to know us a bit better by taking a look around our website. Check out our customer reviews, browse through the beautiful installations in our portfolio, and read about the anxiety-reducing 11-step installation process we’ve perfected over the years. We think you’ll be impressed enough to get in touch with us. During your free on-site consultation, we can sit down and go over your landscaping “wish list”. If you’re not sure what kind of landscaping installation you’re looking for, that’s OK. We have over 30 years experience creating paradise for people and we are positive that we can design a landscape that makes your dreams come true.

What We Do

Treasurescapes is a licensed, insured, landscape design firm and installation company with over 30 years of experience making customers happy with breathtakingly beautiful projects. We even have a construction crew that does the actual installation of the landscapes and hardscapes (Hardscapes are the non-living elements of a landscaping project).  From the minute we start your project until the day of the final walk-through our installation crew is part of the process and that means one less thing for you to worry about.

Popular Landscape Styles in Wellington

If you can imagine it, we can almost certainly design and build it.

  • Natural pools and waterfalls worthy of a real tropical island paradise
  • Relaxing spas
  • Beautiful gardens
  • Fountains of all types
  • Travertine paver driveways
  • Patios
  • Pools and decks
  • Spa and pool renovations
  • Fabulous outdoor entertainment areas complete with kitchens and grills
  • And much more!

Japanese Landscape Design

Close your eyes and imagine yourself watching the koi swim as you relax under a beautiful, wooden Japanese pergola. If you listen carefully, you can hear the sound of water falling somewhere, off in the distance. The perennial flowers, fruit trees, and exotic plants are gently rustling in the light breeze. Sound inviting? If you can picture it, we can probably design and build it!

Tropical Landscape Design

Picture yourself swimming in a natural pool surrounded by gorgeous waterfalls made out of real rock. As you luxuriate in the cool water a gentle wind blows through the surrounding palm trees. Afterward, grab a good book, head for the tiki hut, and let the slow-motion swing of the hammock rock you to sleep. Dream it and it’s yours!

Modern Landscape Design

Contemporary landscape design with clean lines and a sleek, modern aesthetic is always popular. Enjoy the beauty of water fountains with underwater lights, the elegance of mixed hardscape materials, wood that actually becomes more beautiful as it gracefully ages, native, wildlife-friendly plants, and much more. All you need to do is imagine it!

Butterfly Gardens

Do you remember all the butterflies we used to see everywhere when we were children? Where did they go? Sadly, they left because we encroached upon their habitat. However, we can coax them back simply by planting their favorite plants and flowers. We have years of experience designing delightful butterfly gardens and we never cease to get excited when one of our customers sends us a photo of their first butterfly arrival. If we build it, they will come!

There’s really only one limitation when it comes to designing your own private paradise: Imagination. If you can dream it, we can make it happen.

Why Choose Us

Here are a few reasons why we think you should consider Treasurescapes for your next landscaping design project in Wellington.

  1. Qualifications – Treasurescapes is more than just another landscape design firm. We are a State of Florida licensed landscape architecture firm. Our President, Ken Thornsbury, has a degree in landscape architecture. Be sure to read through our article on the difference between landscape designers and landscape architects: Hiring A Pro For Your Next Landscape Project.We’re also a licensed and insured landscape installation company. We have a talented, experienced, and award-winning construction crew who will be a part of your landscaping project from the start. You might have run onto the term “design-build”. That’s what Treasurescapes is, a design-build firm.We both design and build landscaping projects.
  2. Experience We have over three decades of making Palm Beach County customers happy with our award-winning landscaping projects. Our website contains quite a few signed customer reviews. Here’s just one of them:‘’Ken, Thor, and the entire crew just completed Phase I of our multi-phase landscape upgrade.  What an incredible difference! Our property was very large and void of personality. The new landscape now sets our property apart in the neighborhood.  Design – 5 stars, schedule – 5 stars, cleanliness – 5 stars, follow-up 6 stars. Treasurescapes is absolutely the best landscape design and build firm I have worked with.’’
  3. ProcessOur special 11-step process means that your landscaping project will move seamlessly from the first on-site consultation in Step 1 all the way through to your final walk-through in Step 11. This process includes 3D models and renderings that make it easier for you to visualize the final result, a careful selection of the right materials and plants, a detailed and itemized proposal that includes the costs for all the project’s components, and a project timeline.

About The Owner

Treasurescapes Founder and President, Ken Thornsbury, is a licensed  Landscape Architect who has been creating and installing award-winning landscape design projects in Wellington and surrounding areas for over 30 years.