Are you searching for a landscape designer and architect in West Palm Beach? If you’re like a lot of people you’re probably not even sure what kind of landscape or hardscape design you want or even how to hire a landscape professional. Relax. You’re not alone. That’s why we’ve written up a great Beginner’s Guide On How To Hire A Landscape Pro. It will give you the essential information you need to start.

After you read it through, take a look around our website and get to know us. Check out our beautiful installation portfolio, customer reviews, and the 12-step system we’ve designed to take you painlessly from initial design concept all the way through to project completion.

We think you’ll be impressed enough to contact us. When you do, we can make an appointment to sit down over a cup of coffee and take a look at your landscape (or hardscape) ‘wish list’. Don’t have a ‘wish list’? No problem. We’ve been in the landscaping business for over 30 years. We’ll definitely be able to show you some great landscaping ideas you’re sure to love.

What We Do

Treasurescapes is an insured, licensed, landscape design and installation firm with 30+ years pleasing customers by creating some of the most gorgeous projects you’ve ever seen in West Palm Beach.

We even have our own construction crew. Their job is to perform the installation from the designs we draw up. It doesn’t matter whether it’s a landscape or a hardscape (the non-living features of a landscape project) installation, our construction crew will be a part of the process from the very start all the way to completion and the final walk-through. This means less stress for you because everything is included. You deal with one company from start to finish.

Popular Landscape Styles in West Palm Beach

We are confident that we can help you define, design and build your ideal backyard paradise.

Let me stress again that if you don’t have any idea what kind of landscaping project you want, no problem. This is very common. Sometimes clients only know they want something modern, let’s say. Sometimes they don’t even know that. So, don’t worry if this describes you. We’ll come up with some ideas you’re sure to love. That’s what we’re here for.

  • Patios
  • Relaxing spas
  • Gorgeous gardens
  • Natural waterfalls and pools
  • Travertine paver driveways
  • Decks and swimming pools
  • Pool and spa renovations
  • Outdoor entertainment areas that include grills and complete kitchens
  • Fountains of any type
  • Butterfly gardens
  • And much more!

Japanese Landscape Design

You don’t need to be anywhere right now. So, you grab a good book, a cool drink and open the door. There’s a light breeze blowing and you can already smell the wafting fragrance of the perennial flowers and the aromatic fruit trees. As you walk along the path you hear water falling somewhere in the distance. You keep moving and as you pass over a small bridge you look down to see the koi moving gently in their pond. Finally, you reach the wooden pergola and your favorite chair.

Tropical Landscape Design

Tropical landscape design revolves around a realistic aesthetic and lots of cool water. Features include beautiful natural pools and waterfalls surrounded by real rock and palm trees. Spend your lazy afternoons rocking gently in a hammock under your very own tiki hut. Imagine your tropical island paradise is just a few steps away and we will make it so!

Modern Landscape Design

If you prefer a sleek, minimalist look, modern landscape design might be just what you’re looking for. Popular features include pools with underground lights and real wood that actually looks better as it ages. We recommend rounding off your modern landscape design by using native plants that attract wildlife.

Butterfly Gardens

I think most people of a certain age remember how the sky used to be full of butterflies. Why we don’t see them anymore? Where did they go? Sadly, they left because we encroached upon their habitat and drove them out. However, we can coax them back by giving them the plants and flowers they love.

We love designing butterfly gardens because we almost always hear back from our customers about their first butterfly arrival.

The only real limitation to designing your own personal paradise is imagination. Feel free to dream big. We can probably make it happen!

Why Choose Us

Here are just a few reasons why you should consider Treasurescapes for your next landscaping design project in West Palm Beach.

1. Qualifications – We aren’t just another landscape design firm. Treasurescapes is a State of Florida licensed landscape architecture firm. Our founder and President, Ken Thornsbury, has a university degree in landscape architecture.

We’re also a design-build firm. That means that Treasurescapes is also a licensed and insured landscape installation company. We have an amazingly talented and experienced construction crew that will be part of your project from start to finish. If you haven’t already done so, make sure you read through our beginner’s article on How To Hire A Pro For Your Next Landscape Project. It will give you more information on how we differ.

2. Experience – We’ve been making our West Palm Beach customers happy for over 30 years with our award-winning landscaping projects. Be sure to check out our signed customer reviews. Reviews like this one:

“Ken and his crew have exceeded our expectations. From the beginning of the project, Treasurescapes has been a pleasure to work with. We loved the design, which was seamlessly implemented. Ken was at the house constantly, making sure that the work was done correctly. Our backyard was transformed from sad and dreary into a work of art. It is obvious that Ken takes great pride in what he does, and it shows in his final product. A great experience.”

3. Process – We’ve been in the landscape architecture business for a long time. That means we know what works and what doesn’t. We’ve developed a unique 12-step system that will move you seamlessly from initial consultation to the final walk through.

We use 3D models that help you visualize the final result, carefully select the right materials and plants, and prepare a detailed, itemized proposal that includes the cost for every project component. We’ll also give you a project timeline.

About The Owner

Our Founder and President, Ken Thornsbury, is a licensed Landscape Architect with over 30 years experience designing and installing first-class landscape design projects in West Palm Beach and the surrounding area.