When to Choose a Landscape Architect

landscape architecture

While mowing the lawn and general yard maintenance are the realm of landscapers, you will likely require more specialized services when you need to make major changes to your exterior living space. Landscape architecture in Boca Raton benefits from the practiced hand of someone with experience and an understanding of outdoor project management.

You Get What You Pay For

A landscape architect’s value lies in their understanding of exterior space and design. The topography of the land, knowledge of trees, plants, and flowers, and a clear vision for an aesthetic are what sets them apart. You will benefit from their years of experience, skill, training, and natural talent.

What They Will Do

Your landscape architect will map out your vision for the space, either hand-drawn or using computer software, and consider several factors. When designing an outdoor space, climate, sun exposure, use of the area, and budget all come into play.

Where To Find a Landscape Architect

Many landscaping companies have a design department that can provide you with the services required to create a plan for the perfect backyard oasis. Once you begin the process, you will understand why they are an essential piece of the landscape planning puzzle.